How To Use Cut Concrete To Protect And Highlight Your Garden

Posted on: 30 September 2015

If you are a person who enjoys giving an aesthetic appeal to the practical necessities of life, concrete cutting is an ideal option for your yard.  It is easy to assume that concrete cutting is simply one step in the process of removing old or unneeded concrete from its current position. However, the truth is that concrete cutting can give new life, use and appearance to what would normally be boring concrete that can be seen almost anywhere. 

Why You Should Use Concrete (In Lieu Of Cement) To Make Borders For Your Garden

It is important to note that since cement is an actually one of the ingredients in concrete, concrete is often not needed for smaller projects. Concrete is a thicker, sturdier substance that is often used for bigger, heavier projects like flooring. Cement is not as sturdy and often used for craft items. 

However, concrete is frequently ideal for use in garden projects because it is so sturdy and resistant to damage. Over the years, the borders you create now will be moved, kicked and sat on repeatedly. Therefore, you need the sturdiest substance possible, so that you do not need to replace the borders too often. 

Plan Your New Creation

One of the easiest ways to use cut concrete is to simply use it to create clear edges around your garden. It allows you more artistic expression than you would normally have, since you can cut the concrete in any style, size or image that you want. It will be helpful to remember that for best results, there should be no gaps between the different pieces of cut concrete, so the border forms a consistent line of protection. 

Color, Pour and Smooth The Concrete Before It Dries 

In addition, there are also a variety of concrete dyes you can buy at a reasonable price, if you want to add even more vibrancy to the garden area. One popular option is to choose a mold that you want and pour quick-drying concrete through it. Use a clean trowel to smooth the edges and when it is mostly dry, remove it from the mold. 

Cut The Concrete

Finally, you can use a circular saw with either an abrasive corundum masonry blade or a dry-cutting diamond blade to carefully trim down any sharp or ugly edges. When all of the pieces of border are of the right size, you can place them in the prepared areas around your garden and you will be ready to show off your practical and artistic endeavor.

In conclusion, the use of cut concrete is an ideal and affordable way to create a clear border around your garden. Because the options of personalizing the concrete, through trimming, shaping and dying, are almost limitless, you could easily have the most unique garden border in the neighborhood.