Picking The Perfect Patio To Enjoy All Summer Long

Posted on: 18 March 2016

If you want to make the most of the outdoors this season, consider adding a patio to your property. There are many options in terms of style, spacing, and materials, so talk with paving contractors to determine the best approach for your home's inherent features.

Some types of patios are:

On-grade patios.

On-grade patios are perhaps the most common kind to find in yards and gardens of homes, and they are usually flush with the ground and terrain around them. These work in any size space, and are easy to install as they don't require much in terms of grading beyond working with a level space. These make excellent patios for:

  • Kids' spaces. The even terrain makes these safe for kids without the fall-risk of other structures.
  • Dining spaces. The convenience and ability to create a patio in any size yard make these an excellent option when you want an outdoor dining area.
  • Activity areas. The level nature and easy access make on-grade patios a good option for outdoor activities, recreation, and even sports.

Raised patios.

A raised patio requires that a wall be built first, underneath where the patio will be. These resemble a deck but are a bit sturdier and more reminiscent of an indoor floor than decking planks. Raised patios are great when homeowners want:

  • An intimate patio, off a bedroom or bath.
  • A cool party area just outside the home's exteriors.
  • A unique spot on the property for star-gazing or entertaining.

Sunken patios.

If you want the modern look of a sunken patio, you will likely need a retaining wall to hold the earth back from the slope of the patio and terrain. Add an on-grade patio to the configuration, and you will get a tiered-effect that makes for lots of space to lounge and entertain. The retaining wall makes a prime opportunity for homeowners to create privacy for their patio, either by planting along the wall or simply being sunken and obscured from view.

A word about walkways:

Walkways are a must when you want easy access to your patio spaces. These can be made from a number of materials, or you can mix things up with two or more different materials, but be sure that the end-result is firm-footing and a smooth surface to your outdoor patio. Some different types of walkways are:

  • Loose-fill. Some loose-fill walkway materials include bark, mulch, and brick-chips.
  • Solid-carpet. A solid-carpet walkway is typically made from concrete, bricks, tiles, or pavers.
  • Stepping-stones. For stepping-stone walkways, you will use stones, wood-rounds, and concrete pavers.

Consider these suggestions to create the perfect patio for your needs, preferences, and property. Talk with paving contractors, like Bill Mariotti Site Development Co Inc, about varied materials and styles to make your patio and walkways distinct, yet functional, while staying within your building budget.