Ready-Mix Concrete For Kids' Summer Fun

Posted on: 13 May 2016

With summer vacation quickly approaching, many parents are looking for activities for their kids to do to keep them busy during the long summer days. One affordable material to work with is concrete. So many things can be made out of concrete that can be gifted to friends and loved ones or used to decorate around the house. Here, you will find a few ideas that could help inspire you to grab a bag of ready-mix concrete and get the kids busy making something special.

Paving Stones

Pouring concrete to make paving stones is a very popular project. There are many ways for you to finish those paving stones to make them unique, creative and fun.

Hopscotch – Ten paving stones, some paint and an open area is all you need to create a hopscotch game that the kids can have fun using after they are done making it.

Grandchild Lane – Create the paving stones, have each grandchild put a handprint and write their names on a stone and let it cure. When it dries, it can be painted or left natural concrete color. Place them in a garden, around the home or anywhere else to give the grandparents a little reminder of the grandkids that love them. Years from now, you will all enjoy looking back at how small their hands were and how awkwardly they wrote their names.

Seashells – You know that bucket of seashells you have sitting in the closet from your beach vacation that you don't know what to do with – well, those can be used to finish the paving stone beautifully. Just press them into the surface of the concrete before it cures. When it hardens, you will have a keepsake of the beach vacation that you will enjoy.

Flower Pots

Making flower pots out of concrete is pretty easy. You need two bowls, cups or buckets – one larger than the other. Smear Vaseline around the inside of the larger bowl and the outside of the smaller bowl. This will make it easier to get the bowls off of the concrete later.

Pour the concrete into the larger bowl, then press the smaller bowl into the concrete to push the wet concrete around it. Once cured, you simply remove the bowls and you are left with a home-made flower pot.

There are a number of things that you can do with your kids and one big bag of ready-mix concrete will go a long way in completing them. Start thinking and planning now to fill your summer with fun concrete projects that you and your kids will all enjoy. To learn more about ready-mix concrete, contact a company like R Pepin & Sons Inc