Threats To Your Home's Foundation

Posted on: 12 June 2020

Discovering that your home has started to develop severe foundation problems can be an alarming realization for a homeowner. Unfortunately, homeowners will frequently fail to thoroughly consider the potential threats that can cause problems for their property's foundation.  

Improper Construction

During the initial construction of the home, it could be possible for the contractor to make a series of mistakes that could impair the stability and durability of the foundation. For example, if the foundation was not properly formed when it was poured, this could increase the risk of cracks forming in weak spots of it. If the source of your home's current foundation problems is a result of mistakes that were made during its initial construction, it can be a fairly complicated problem to address. For example, the entire foundation will have to be inspected to determine the extent of the mistakes that were made to it. Additionally, large sections of the foundation may need to be completely replaced or reinforced.

Soil Problems

Soil problems can be another frequent source of issues for a home's foundation. Erosion can be one of the most common types of soil problems that can occur to a home's foundation. However, homeowners should avoid assuming that this is the only potential cause of this problem. Compression can be another common source of damage to a home's foundation. When the soil that supports the foundation becomes compressed, it can cause the positioning of the foundation to shift or it may even result in it sinking further into the ground. In extreme cases, this may cause the foundation to detach from the rest of the structure. Reinforcing the soil can be essential when these problems are occurring, and if this problem is addressed early, it may be possible to minimize the extent of the damage that occurs to the home.

Moisture Damage

Moisture is another potential source of damage to your home's foundation. Moisture can seep into the concrete of the foundation in a variety of different ways. Regardless of the way that the moisture seeps into the foundation, it can cause severe weakening of it over time. Eventually, this will result in cracks in the concrete and potentially splitting. While a foundation repair professional should be able to patch these issues, a homeowner will need to be mindful of the threat of moisture damage returning. This may involve installing sump pumps or other systems that will be able to actively move water away from the home's foundation.

For more information about threats to your home's foundation, talk to a concrete contractor.