Five Benefits Of A Concrete Driveway

Posted on: 21 December 2020

If it's time for a new driveway, you have a choice of paving materials to pick from. Concrete may very well be the best option, as the following benefits illustrate.

1. Long Service Life

Concrete can cost more upfront than asphalt, but it will outlast asphalt when it comes to durability. Your concrete driveway won't require major resurfacing or similar repair in order to have a lifespan of decades. This long service life means that concrete can cost less over time, even with the more expensive installation, than an asphalt drive of the same size.

2. Heat Reflection

The naturally light color of concrete reflects heat rather than absorbing it. This heat reflectivity, known as the albedo, means that the general area around your home will be cooler than if you had gone with a dark paving material. Not only can this make your yard and even your home more comfortable in summer, but it can also make it easier to maintain the landscaping on either side of the drive because the soil won't be exposed to hot temperatures and drying heat.

3. Decorative Colors

Another benefit of concrete's light natural color is that you can dye it to fit any look you desire. Concrete can be dyed before it's installed if you want a solid color, or you can have it acid dyed after installation in a variety of colors and patterns. One popular option is to dye concrete a rich slate or terracotta color, and then have it stamped to resemble flagstones, cobbles, or bricks. When it comes to decorative touches, the sky is the limit if you opt for a concrete driveway.

4. Low Maintenance

Concrete is relatively low maintenance. It doesn't need constant crack filling like asphalt, nor is there as large of a concern about potholes as long as the driveway is installed properly. There are two tactics that can pretty much ensure your driveway remains low maintenance and damage-free. First, make sure the installers put in plenty of expansion joints at construction, as these prevent cracks. Second, have the concrete sealed every couple of years to protect it from stains and damage. If you do these two things, the only required maintenance is occasional pressure washing to keep the driveway clean.

5. Load Capacity

For those that use their driveway for heavier equipment, such as work trucks or large recreational vehicles, concrete is often a better choice because it has a higher load capacity. Asphalt, for example, can develop ruts or surface waves from driving heavy vehicles on its surface, particularly in hot weather.

Contact a concrete contractor in your area to learn more about the benefits of concrete.