Concrete Cutting Services That May Benefit Your Construction Operations

Posted on: 24 May 2021

If you're using concrete cutting services to avoid potential mistakes with how concrete is cut, you can enjoy structured processes that give you great results. Here are some concrete cutting services that you can expect a professional company to do.

Profile Grinding

A concrete cutting company doesn't just offer cutting services. They can also offer profile grinding for concrete sections that are a little bumpy. For instance, you may have some concrete pathways that have certain sections with bumpy surfaces.

Instead of redoing everything and wasting money, you can just work with a concrete cutting company that offers profile grinding. A heavy-duty grinding machine will work bumps out of pretty much any concrete surface and leave behind a smooth surface. That lets you keep up with your property's aesthetics, but there is also a practical aspect of profile grinding too because then slip and falls are less likely to happen.

Core Drilling

If you have a building that needs to make way for new conduits around concrete walls, probably the best type of concrete cutting for this special situation is core drilling. It will remove a cylinder of concrete that allows conducts to pass through, whether it's for wires or pipes.

You want to hire a professional concrete cutting company to handle this type of service because it can be pretty involved. It also will require special saws that can cut through tough concrete and even rebar without any setbacks happening for surrounding structures.

Reinforced Concrete Cutting

There may be sections around a structure that have reinforced concrete. If they need to be cut, then special methods will be needed that you probably can deliver yourself. A concrete cutting company has access to a lot of different cuttings tools, so they're the perfect party to look to for dealing with durable concrete. 

Specialty concrete cutters with durable blades will be used on reinforced concrete. They'll still deliver accurate cuts and won't put operators at risk, as they have been trained to deal with all sorts of concrete that vary in attributes. Just let the concrete cutting company know how much concrete you need cut.

There are a lot of techniques that come into play when concrete is cut and manipulated with specialty tools. Find a skilled concrete cutting company and it won't be on your shoulders to come through on this type of cutting. Instead, trained professionals will perform great with all kinds of concrete-related projects.