How A Residential Concrete Contractor Can Transform Your Damaged Fire Pit Slab

Posted on: 26 July 2021

If the concrete slab around your fire pit has cracks in it, consider hiring a residential concrete repair company to seal the cracks so they aren't a safety hazard. Your fire pit may be away from your home or other light sources, and stumbling around in the dark on cracked concrete could be dangerous.

Sealing cracks is a simple form of concrete repair, but since the repairs might be visible, you may also want a cosmetic touch-up when the repairs are done. Here are some options your concrete repair contractor might choose from to repair your fire pit slab.

Fill Cracks With A Sealer

Your contractor might use a caulk gun to get the concrete sealer deep in the cracks so they are closed to prevent escalation of the damage. Some concrete crack repair products come in bottles with a tip on them for ease of application. You might even try using one of these DIY crack fillers yourself if the cracks are small. However, it's important to smooth the surface before the sealer dries.

If the slab has several cracks or larger ones, you may want to contact a contractor to make repairs for you to get the best results. The contractor may use polymer resin to fill the cracks and bond with the concrete for permanent leak protection.

Sealing the cracks removes a trip hazard and also keeps rain from getting in the cracks and causing them to get wider. Keeping rain out is also important for protecting the soil under the slab since shifting soil due to rain saturation could cause the cracks to get worse.

Add An Overlay

If the slab needs several cracks filled, or if the damage is extensive, the contractor might suggest an overlay. Even if the cracks can be filled and sealed, the slab might remain unattractive since the repaired areas will be visible. An overlay involves adding a new layer of concrete over the slab after all cracks and damaged areas have been repaired.

The overlay gives the slab an entirely new surface so the concrete is smooth and clean again. You can have the concrete contractor add color to the slab or stamp designs in it before the overlay is dry. This could transform your fire pit slab from an old worn-out piece of concrete into an attractive addition to your backyard.

A residential concrete contractor may offer other suggestions for repairing the slab and making the old concrete more attractive. There are several options to consider for making the concrete decorative, but whether you choose to make the concrete more attractive or not, you should still have the cracks on the slab repaired so the damage doesn't get worse.