Asphalt Paving May Be Best For Your Business

Posted on: 30 September 2021

Asphalt paving may be the best choice for your business parking lot. In order to see why asphalt is such a good option, read this article on the topic. Here, you will learn about some of the advantages asphalt has over other types of parking lot surfaces. 

Asphalt can be better than dirt

If you currently have a dirt parking lot, then this means there won't be painted lines to indicate which way cars should go and where the exact parking spaces are. This can cause more confusion in the parking lot and can lead to minor accidents. Also, people's cars will get dusty in the parking lot, which many customers and employees may not appreciate. A dirt parking lot will also have more things to trip and fall over, like rocks and holes. Having an asphalt parking lot put in will correct all of these issues and give you a much better-looking parking lot for improved curb appeal. 

Asphalt can be better than concrete

Concrete is a nice choice for a parking lot, but it does have its flaws. For one thing, concrete is generally a very light, almost white color. This can be bad for parking lots because the surface can show everything from tire marks to stains from spilled drinks. It doesn't take long for the concrete to look dirty, and this makes the parking lot surface needing more frequent attention to keep it clean. Asphalt does a much better job of hiding the everyday wear the surface of a parking lot endures, as well as dirt. This helps give the business a much more appealing parking lot. 

Asphalt can be better than gravel

Gravel is not a great surface for a business parking lot. Many people don't appreciate needing to drive their cars over gravel. Even more so, they don't like having to walk through the gravel to get to the business. Gravel can be extremely abrasive on tires, and it can be very hard to walk on, especially for anyone wearing heels. Asphalt is much smoother to drive on, and it offers a nice and smooth surface to walk on. 


When choosing the right surface for the parking lot of your business, you want to consider how it will add to your business's curb appeal, how it will provide your customers with a safer space, and how easy it will be to maintain. Asphalt offers many advantages in these areas.

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