Important Tips To Remember About Concrete Pumping

Posted on: 28 December 2021

If you need to apply liquid concrete around a site for a build, then concrete pumping will probably take place. This involves pumping liquid concrete to a specific location and then manipulating it a certain way depending on the project. If you remember these tips, concrete pumping will go smoothly.

Make Sure Pumping Site Is Set Up Properly

Before concrete pumping can begin, you must go through your work site to make sure it will accommodate this activity. That's the best way to get started without delay and subsequently reduce costs. Figure out where concrete needs to be pumped and then see what potential obstacles or hazards need to be accounted for.

Maybe you need to work around structures that are in the way or remove certain elements before concrete pumping begins. Just be thorough in these assessments to achieve an optimal pumping environment in no time. 

Work With Certified Pump Operators

In order for concrete pumping to take place safely and effectively, you need access to certified operators. They will know how to distribute liquid concrete to a particular area without causing damage or incidents around the build site.

Certified operators also will know how to maintain the pumping equipment so that there isn't unexpected downtime or expensive equipment costs you would otherwise have to take care of. You can find these well-trained and certified concrete pump operators online with a simple search. Then you'll set this pumping up for success because trained professionals know what they're doing at all times.

Utilize Outrigger Pads

The machinery used in concrete pumping tends to be pretty large, including concrete trucks and hoppers used to hold liquid concrete before it's pumped to a target site. You can properly support this equipment via outrigger pads.

They'll give concrete pumping equipment added stability, which is also important for not disturbing ground conditions around your build site. What that does is save you additional prep work because you won't have to go back through and work over surfaces where concrete pumping equipment was used.

If you are working on a project that requires concrete, you may need to have it pumped. This is one of the more efficient ways to transport liquid concrete. You just need to make sure you have the right pumping environment as well as follow specific protocols throughout this process. Then you'll have less to worry about. For more information, contact a concrete pumping company.