5 Problems That Call For Foundation Repair Contractors ASAP

Posted on: 5 April 2022

A faulty foundation is perhaps the gravest existential threat to a building because it could lead to a complete collapse. Foundation problems arise from different causes: poor workmanship, earth tremors, and natural soil collapse. Whatever the cause, foundation faults must be addressed quickly. Even if the building doesn't collapse immediately, it becomes unsafe for habitation. In many cases, buildings with foundation faults are condemned by local authorities. However, you can avoid these scenarios by calling in foundation repair contractors. What problems can they solve?

1. Foundation and Floor Cracks

Foundation cracks form when the structure shifts, causing tiny fissures on the surface. It is a good idea to check how fast the width of a crack is growing. Some cracks are normal from curing and settling, and these won't grow. But growing cracks are a cause for alarm because they are a sign of structural damage and must be addressed as soon as possible. 

2. Foundation Sinking and Settling   

Foundation problems can also result from soil instability. If your home is built on marshy land or unstable soil, it will sink over time. This could cause door frames to stick and floorboards to warp. It is good to do foundation repair as soon as you notice any sinking or settling; otherwise, the problem will worsen. 

3. Foundation Upheaval 

The foundation of a building is its base, so it is important to keep it in good condition. If the foundations start to shift, it could lead to foundation upheaval. If your home has moved up and down noticeably, you should call foundation repair contractors immediately. 

4. Sagging Floors   

Several things can cause sagging floors: a faulty foundation, damaged floor joists, or weak connections between the floor and the walls. In some cases, sagging floors may not be that bad; they just need to be leveled out with the help of leveling blocks or an additional support beam in the middle. In other cases, however, they need to be completely replaced. It is best to contact a foundation repair contractor to get a professional opinion. 

5. Sticking Doors   

Sticking doors are usually caused by the door frame warping and moving away from the wall, or the wall moving away from the door frame due to sinking. Either way, it is a sign of foundation damage and needs to be addressed immediately. Foundation repair contractors can help you fix sticking doors and prevent further damage. 

The structural health of the foundation directly impacts the structural integrity of a building. Call a foundation repair service, such as Atlas Master Co, if you notice any of these problems.