Why Concrete Pumping Is An Ideal Solution

Posted on: 10 January 2023

Although most people are familiar with concrete delivery by large concrete tumblers, many are not familiar with concrete pumping and what makes it such a great option. When you understand the benefits of concrete pumping, it's easier for you to see when it might be the ideal solution for your application. Here's a look at some of the things that make concrete pumping so different.

Easy Access To Tight Spaces

Concrete pumping is vastly different from traditional concrete tumbler trucks because those tumbler trucks can only deliver concrete where the truck can easily access. Unfortunately, the trucks that pour concrete are large, so they cannot access all areas. Concrete pumping trucks expand your access for concrete delivery to areas accessible by the delivery hose. This makes it easier for you to get concrete where you need it.

Improves Delivery At Elevation

If you need to get concrete to an area that's elevated, you should think about the possibility of a concrete pumping truck to deliver the concrete that you need. A concrete pumping truck makes it easier to deliver concrete at elevation, saving you from having to haul heavy concrete mix up to the area.

Quick Delivery

Concrete pumping is quick and easy compared to manual concrete handling and compared to gravity pouring. The concrete pump speeds up delivery so that you can get the job done faster than you would with other methods. This saves on delivery times, manpower, and labor fees associated with your concrete installation.


Concrete poured from mixer trucks must have a higher moisture content to pour properly. The added moisture results in a concrete mixture that's structurally weaker. If you choose a concrete pumping application instead, you can use a concrete mix with a lower moisture content. That allows for faster, more consistent curing and more durable concrete. This is ideal for concrete where structural integrity and durability are key components of the application.

The right concrete mixture is important, and you need to give careful consideration to the way that you apply that concrete. The more you understand about concrete pumping, the easier it is to understand when it works best and when you should consider it for your concrete construction needs. Talk with a local concrete delivery company about the possibility of concrete pumping for the construction project that you are planning. After all, concrete pumping allows you to get more consistent concrete flow with less moisture and easy application.

For more information, contact a concrete pumping service near you.