Ready-Mix Concrete — Steps Essential For A Hardscape Installation

Posted on: 1 September 2023

Aggregate materials, cement, and water are used to prepare ready-mix concrete. Review the steps that your concrete contractor may follow if you decide to use a ready-mix product to install a new hardscape feature on your property.

Ready-Mix Concrete

Ready-mix concrete is prepared at a concrete plant. The concrete components are carefully blended and prepared for transit. A truck that is designed to mix the concrete while it is in transit may be used during the transport process. The mixing of the cement while it is actively being brought to a job site will ensure that the materials are evenly blended when they arrive.


Ready-mix concrete is suited for small or large hardscape projects. Concrete that is prepared offsite will be ready to be installed when it is delivered. The use of a ready-mix product will save a contractor time and money.

A contractor will not need to purchase independent materials to prepare a concrete blend. They will also not need to invest in commercial mixing equipment. Since ready-mix concrete can be poured soon after it arrives at a job site, there will be no need to make storage accommodations for dry concrete materials.

Volume And Consistency

The first thing that a concrete contractor will do is measure the area where fresh concrete will be poured. They will determine what type of mold will be used during the installation of the concrete. Then, they will determine how thick the concrete pavement will need to be.

The contractor will place their concrete order with a supplier. When they order the concrete, they will specify the desired volume of the concrete and the consistency that is needed. 

Concrete Forms

All of the excavation steps are performed before the ready-mix concrete is delivered. Concrete forms are secured across the property where concrete will be installed. The forms will hold the ready-mix concrete in place after it is poured. The forms will remain on the property until the concrete has cured.


The driver who transports the ready-mix concrete will need access to the property where the concrete will be poured. The contractor who oversees the installation of the concrete will ensure that there is plenty of room for the driver to park their vehicle.

If any additional equipment will need to be used while the concrete is being poured, the contractor will make additional preparations to store the equipment. A concrete pump and hoses may be used when pouring concrete into the concrete forms. This equipment allows concrete to be poured in a consistent manner. 

For more info about ready-mix concrete, contact a local company.